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Heating and soothing ingredients team up with CBD to help combat those monthly pains and keep you feeling balanced and comfortable all month long.

Cinnamon and menthol stimulate circulation and increase CBD absorption, and lavender and lemongrass help relax and soothe. Enjoy up to 24 hours of pain relief with our new Rescue Patch.

Rescue Patches come in a pack of 4.

Created by women, for women.


  • 50 mg of CBD isolate per patch

  • 5 mg of Cinnamon per patch

  • 5 mg of Menthol per patch

  • 5 mg of Lavender per patch

  • 5 mg of Lemongrass per patch

  1. Using the provided alcohol wipes, clean the area you wish to apply the patch to.

  2. Peel the clear plastic from the patch.

  3. Apply the patch to the cleaned area.

  4. Apply pressure to the patch for 30 seconds pressing firmly against your skin.

  5. Leave on for 24 hours.

Do not use the patch on sensitive skin as irritation may occur. If irritation occurs, remove the patch.

Acrylic Adhesive, Butylene Adhesive, Hemp Derived CBD Isolate, Menthol (Derived from Mentha Arvensis), Lavender (Lavandula) Extract, Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) extract, Cinnamon (Cinnamomum) Extract

Does not contain milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, or wheat.

THC-Free; Gluten Free; Vegan. Pesticide and Contaminant Free. Preservative and Paraben Free. Silicone and Latex Free.

Every batch of product gets tested by an independent facility: see results.

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What’s inside?

Cinnamon NEW
Lavender NEW
Lemongrass NEW
Cinnamon NEW
Lavender NEW
Lemongrass NEW
Cinnamon NEW
Lavender NEW
Lemongrass NEW

All you need to know

Just like yourself - your best self. On our team, we talk about softening our sharpest pain points (physically and mentally) so we can take a stressful day in stride more easily. The best effect of CBD is easing your sharpest points so much that you forget you needed CBD’s support! This author sometimes forgets to take her daily softgels and is fiercely reminded when her joint pain returns…

Oh, and CBD won’t get you high! That’s THC, a different cannabinoid. Sorry!

Made specifically to support women's bodies throughout the month, the Rescue Patch gently heats and applies soothing CBD and other natural ingredients to promote balance and resilience. Apply the patch on your abdomen to ease menstrual cramps, at the base of your neck to combat tension and headaches, or wherever your tissues need some extra TLC.

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