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Sleep & Relaxation

Peppermint Strips

Every strip contains 50 mg of CBD and comes in a discreet format allowing for easy, on-the-go use. This dosage is perfect for experienced CBD lovers who enjoy a more potent concentration, or novice CBD consumers who want an impactful experience in a small package. The quick dissolving format give you a quick boost of CBD while refreshing your breath!


  • 50 mg of CBD per strip
  • 10 strips per box

Place one CBD strip inside of cheek and let dissolve for 2-3 minutes. Use one strip at first, and increase the serving amount as desired. And if 50 mg feels like it may be too much to start, you can easily cut the strip in half for 25 mg of CBD.

Food grade dissolvable, CBD Isolate, sugar, natural flavors, color; Gluten Free, Vegan, Fat Free, Salt Free

Vegan, Gluten-free, Peanut-free

Every batch of product gets tested by an independent facility: see results.

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What’s inside?

CBD Isolate Stock
Peppermint Flavoring NEW
Peppermint Strip NEW
CBD Isolate Stock
Peppermint Flavoring NEW
Peppermint Strip NEW
CBD Isolate Stock
Peppermint Flavoring NEW
Peppermint Strip NEW

All you need to know

Just like yourself - your best self. On our team, we talk about softening our sharpest pain points (physically and mentally) so we can take a stressful day in stride more easily. The best effect of CBD is easing your sharpest points so much that you forget you needed CBD’s support! This author sometimes forgets to take her daily softgels and is fiercely reminded when her joint pain returns…

Oh, and CBD won’t get you high! That’s THC, a different cannabinoid. Sorry!

Between the relatively high dosage and the fast, efficient absorption, strips are best for a quick boost when you need it most. They're discrete, easy to take on-the-go, and contain pure CBD (no other cannabinoids or terpenes) for maximum ease.

You can opt to take the full 50mg strip, or, if that feels like too much to start, you can decrease dosage by cutting the strip in half (each half is about 25 mg of CBD isolate). You can also increase doage by taking multiple strips at once.

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