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Our chewable mint tablets are infused with CBD isolate for easy on-the-go consumption. These natural tablets both calm and uplift, complementing every occasion or time of day. Don’t forget to share!


  • 15 mg of CBD per tablet
  • 30 tablets per bottle

While one mint (15 mg) may be enough for new consumers or those who are sensitive, a more common dose begins at two mints (30 mg). Most will feel effects within 20 minutes, and we suggest waiting 30 minutes before deciding to take more. After a few times you’ll learn the ideal dose for you, usually between one and five mints.

Mannitol, Glycerol Monostearate, CBD Isolate, Natural Mint Flavor, Natural Color

Does not contain milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, or wheat; Gluten Free, Vegan

Every batch of product gets tested by an independent facility: see results.

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What’s inside?

CBD Isolate Stock
Peppermint Flavoring NEW
Mint Tablet Ingredient
CBD Isolate Stock
Peppermint Flavoring NEW
Mint Tablet Ingredient
CBD Isolate Stock
Peppermint Flavoring NEW
Mint Tablet Ingredient

All you need to know

Just like yourself - your best self. On our team, we talk about softening our sharpest pain points (physically and mentally) so we can take a stressful day in stride more easily. The best effect of CBD is easing your sharpest points so much that you forget you needed CBD’s support! This author sometimes forgets to take her daily softgels and is fiercely reminded when her joint pain returns…

Oh, and CBD won’t get you high! That’s THC, a different cannabinoid. Sorry!

Thanks to their relatively low dosage and customizable format, mints are versatile and easy to take on-the-go. They contain CBD isolate, which means they're free of THC and any other minor cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant.

For the fastest effect, let a tablet (or 2 or 3) dissolve in your mouth. Each tablet contains 15 mg of CBD isolate. Most people feel effects within about 20 minutes. If you don't feel anything, take another. For a longer, subtler effect, or to combat nausea, chew a tablet (or 2 or 3). Most people feel the effects within 2-3 hours.

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