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Shaun Bostick
What is your CBD routine?

I currently take a full dropper of our CBD Melon tincture in the mornings with my current medication routine.
I also take 2-3 mints as needed throughout the day.
I then end my days with our CBD/CBN Sleep Tablets. They help me fall into a sweet sleep, and stay there for a full night!

I joined Commons because a friend I adore and trust shared it and I wanted to see what it was all about! I have stayed because of the fun, supportive and very inclusive culture!

Why did you start taking CBD and how has it benefited you?

About five years ago a friend of mine kept bugging me to try a CBD product. I was a HUGE skeptic so I declined. Until the day I decided to give it a try. There was a money back guarantee. What was it going to hurt?

After a few weeks of trying the product I didn't notice much of a result... I didn't think. So I quit taking the product and told her I was going to return my products. I knew I was right!!

Three days later the people around me started noticing me act different. They said things like, "What happened? You were seeming very calm and relaxed but now you're back to your grumpy self". I also noticed more back pain start to form and simply an overall feeling of irritability that I had not been having the past few weeks. This is when I realized that though I didn't necessarily "FEEL" the feelings I was used to from cannabis products with a high concentration of THC, I realized that the products were helping me so much more than that! They help me cope with pain, anxiety and life! I feel younger and my friends have been telling me I look younger and seem happier (I'll take it!)

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