Gina McAlpin

Curated By Gina McAlpin
Barry's Senior Regional Marketing Manager - West Coast & Sr. Instructor
How did you start your health and wellness journey with Barry's?

After graduating from undergrad, I had the enormous privilege of opening Barry's first studio in Washington DC! It's safe to say that my relationship with Barry's was love at first sprint, and I've spent the last 5 years helping others find their strength and be their best. My roles in marketing and instructing classes have allowed me to live in 3 incredible cities and take part in the growth of communities across the country.

Why did you start taking CBD + How has it benefited you?

There are endless benefits to taking CBD, and similarly to establishing a fitness routine, I've realized that making the most of it requires setting personal, realistic, and targeted wellness goals. My main goal for developing a CBD routine was to help regulate my hormones, and regain a natural menstrual cycle. After 4 months of incorporating Commons products into my daily life, I can say (with the MOST excitement) that I got my first cycle in 12 years! In addition to the positive impact CBD has had on my hormones, I've seen an increase in productivity, better sleep and an overall more relaxed mindset.

What is your CBD routine?

My CBD routine is continuing to evolve as I learn about the variety of products Commons has to offer and the effects they can have on the body & mind. So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed using the dissolvable strips or tinctures a few times a day whenever I need a quick boost of calm. I love adding the peppermint flavored tincture to my coffee to mellow out the caffeine jitters, and take the edge off:)

Why did you join Commons?

I joined Commons because of the role their products have played in bringing my body back into balance & my desire for sharing the healing benefits of CBD with others.

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