Commons x This Is It Network Partnership

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Apr 1, 2022

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When Cheldin Barlatt Rumer founded This Is It network in 2019, it began as a daily digital talk show for small business owners, industry leaders and brand influencers. The fun online platform was a safe place to promote businesses, products and services while sharing lifestyle news and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. The platform quickly built up into a strong community with new content posted daily and shared throughout social media outlets; with 20,000+ women per month viewing 500+ free episodes and 40+ courses on a subscription-based educational portal.


Soon after This Is It Network began to have serious traction, Cheldin met Jacqueline at an event, and they started to talk with and listen to each other. When two female founders find each other and their missions align, magic happens. It turned out that Cheldin is very supportive of Commons peer-to-peer business model and the brand ambassador program. Jacqueline believes strongly in the impact of storytelling; improving women’s lives; and sharing that spirit with others. They both believe that there is a business model to be created around these ideas.

So, Cheldin and Jacqueline decided to explore a partnership that focuses on media and event opportunities empowering and uplifting women and their brands.

With one very important overarching theme: Storytelling—documenting the untold history of diverse and remarkable women from around the world.


Cheldin established a Scream Your Dream campaign and contributing Screamers get grassroots marketing education, digital tactics and business skills to aid them both personally and professionally. Joining the Screamer community provided inspiration and members quickly were able to find their unique voices and use them to no longer whisper their wishes but – with confidence – tell their stories and promote their brands. Loudly.

A Screamer roundtable with Commons, focusing on CBD, was the first step. The Commons team was able to understand how the This Is It network of women could get involved in the cannabis industry.

Key to its success: The partnership acknowledged the importance of involving the customers in the experience by making it relevant and relatable—health and wellness for women and their families. So when the WNFC’s IX Cup Championship arrived—the Women’s National Football Conference’s season finale with an epic battle of two football titans, the Texas Elite Spartans and the Utah Falconz — Cheldin held another roundtable at the event in Texas. Jacqueline, Tahira and team found a way to speak with athletes about the benefits of CBD and how that could also apply to weekend warriors and workout enthusiasts. All the while, content was being created to document the stories. With connections, activations and conversations, the partnership was off to a great start.


This partnership focuses on women with inspiring stories, which brings about one more key benefit: memorability. Women will be talking about these stories for yers to come.

The Network and Commons teams are constantly developing new and memorable ideas and activations, including working on a series of informational roundtables at the Tribeca Film Festival, curating events for Commons and content to be created around direct dialogues with brand ambassadors and new peers. Creativity gives rise to authenticity and authenticity is precious in the marketing business.

Whether is brand awareness, lead generation or revenue goals, through this grassroots partnership of online storytelling, This is It Network and Commons can offer digital campaigns that reach a diverse audience of remarkable women.

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