Commons x WNFC Partnership

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Jun 28, 2022

The Commons + WNFC Partnership – Hero


Commons has announced an official partnership with the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) to offer opportunities in natural wellness for athletes and coaches, which includes education, programming and marketing. What is special about the two companies coming together is the opportunity to change the way women approach recovery/pain management, inflammation and neuroprotection from concussion; as well as prevention at this level of playing. Even better: This partnership is sure to bring up information that we can all use as we go about our own day-to-day lives. Whether we are weekend warriors or appreciate a daily workout, cannabis prehab and rehab is a natural approach to feeling healthy…no matter your level of activity.


When the National Football League (NFL) announced research funding to investigate the effects of cannabinoids on pain management and neuroprotection from concussion, it was clear that the League wants to better understand and improve potential alternative treatments. The effects of cannabinoids are well-characterized in men—most trials are done on male animals or humans—but research indicates that plant medicine affects women differently. Biology may predispose us to experience cannabis in a different way than men, and the latest research also focuses on sex hormones, cannabinoid receptors, muscle mass and fat tissue distribution as differentiators. The Commons partnership with the WNFC is the first step to better understanding the way women use cannabis to treat pain and inflammation and assess the therapeutic efficacy and effects of cannabinoids for relief with a focus on intake methods, dosing and personal protocols because plant therapeutics affects each person uniquely.


The Commons + WNFC partnership will help determine which cannabinoids, from CBD and CBG to CBN and D8, can be used safely and effectively for pain management and reduce the use of prescription medications including opiates and even ibuprofen. There is a path to a healthier, more natural pain management and recovery plan and Commons is on a mission to make it accessible, affordable and focused on women’s needs.

For the WNFC, incorporating cannabis pre and post workout has its benefits. A small dose before a session can extend a workout or game playing time with less fatigue and muscle stress. Post training or game time, a larger dose relieves inflammation, relaxing the mind and body, and in particular the muscles. Newsflash: CBD can also help regulate hormones and cortisol levels that control blood sugar and inflammation, boosting your workout and recovery time.


Cannabis is gaining traction among health professionals but Commons and the WNFC are choosing to focus on athletes caring for themselves on and off the field by offering education and the potential to represent women’s needs on a global level (the WNFC just went international!). Players want to understand the impact of personal health decisions on their performance and this partnership can create data-based evidence, not just anecdotal evidence to support cannabis and health. Commons and the WNFC support the science of performance and its advancement in an effort to improve the health and safety of the players. Ultimately, this information can shed further light and support anecdotal evidence that cannabis is helpful in reducing pain, aiding in sleep and supporting homeostasis in the body for us all—athletes, amateur and professional, as well as mere mortals.


Not surprisingly, most of the sports attention (and money) is spent on male athletes. While professional women’s leagues are relatively young, we are catching up. But let’s be real. Tackle football is a punishing sport that exacts a toll from those who play, men or women. The usual marketing conversations around empowerment and social good are important, but ignore the fact that WNFC women are exceptionally skilled players, who strive for a healthy life on and off the field, pushing themselves to their limits and beyond.

Women have been playing tackle football for 75 years. Today, the WNFC is a professional women’s football league, a groundbreaking organization, that fosters an environment for female athletes to sustain healthy lifestyles through playing, coaching and participating in American football at the highest level. And with the Commons partnership, women athletes can now feel safe knowing cannabis is on their side.


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